My name is Casper Holmgaard Quitzau, and you have for some reason ended up on my private website.
This site will contain my digital face on the big bad Internet, with the things i see relevant here.... and what i actually get put out here :-)
Like that old saying "The shoemaker's son always wears in the poorest shoes" ;-)
For more technical facts or interested in what a nerd like me is doing, you can always try to visit my developing/test server here:

Short description

I am a man at 47, with a good logical sense and som e nerd in the blood. As a person i am open minded and with a far portion of humor.
Generally i am a man of the order with a good portion of perfectionist, and therefor wants the things i work on to be unique and at a high quality.
On my job i prefer a good working environment higher than the geographical location, but will as a house owner have some attachment to Kolding.

As mentioned i live in Kolding, but have my origin en Esbjerg. On my way here i have been living in Vejen in Jylland, and a good while in Odense where i studied for Computer Science (Datamatiker). I know is sound a lot cooler in english ;-). Earlier i actually also became student (HTX) here in Kolding before i moved on to Odense, but has come back because of my lovely wife and that we found our own little "castle" here.


Ever since i graduated as "Datamatiker", i have been working with web development on many different levels and difficulties.
for good and for worse i have been working in a lot of different companies, and have required a lot of knowhow in topics from programming and hardware to customer support.
My passion is both for hardware and for programming, but have had programming as my primary field so far.
I started with ASP on Microsoft platform until about 2007, but have on the side learned my way around PHP, Apache, mySql in my free time to pursue what i wanted to work with. I finally got my first PHP-job at a company called E-soft in Odense, and later on when i moved to kolding with my wife at Belcom Open Source.
For more info or detail see my online version of my C.V. under documents.

Personal data

- Born november 24th, 1974 in Esbjerg.
- Married to Lisbeth Holmgaard – Wedding: 03-10-2009.
- Father to Nanna Holmgaard Quitzau – Born: 19-11-2009
- Father to Simon Holmgaard Quitzau – Born: 29-08-2015
- Currently lives in Kolding.